Supported Tree Planting Projects

We support Trees for the Future (TREES).

Why? I (Jelle) read the book “One Shot” by their founder John Leary.

It describes that when trees are planted in a beneficial way for smallholder farmers, they won’t be cut down.

This can be done by creating food gardens which give several benefits, where trees interact with the crops grown in a symbiotic way.

A forest garden by Trees for the Future in Senegal

The trees store water, improve the soil, and could function as natural fences. In this way, there is little incentive for cutting down trees (perhaps a little for cooking) and a large incentive for keeping trees in the ground.

This requires education and funding, which is provided by Trees for the Future.

While we admire most tree planting projects, some lack the incentive for keeping those trees in the ground. That is why we chose to support Trees for the Future.

Read more on their website.

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