Live Stats and Financial Reports

We could not fetch live stats, only daily stats

🌱 Trees plantable thanks to you The final amount at the end of the month can change, because some ad revenue still can be rejected.

🔍 Searches made by you The amount of searches you made so far on Search For Trees. Only max 100 daily searches per device are counted for your tree counter to prevent fraud. Still the full amount is displayed here. And all searches are stil used for planting trees, of course.

🌳 Estimated total trees grown after the next payout 286 By all visitors. The final amount at the end of the month can change, because some ad revenue still can be rejected.

💰 Total estimated revenue generated by Search For Trees visitors is 157.43 The revenue is up to today, but can change, because some ad revenue still can be rejected.

🌲 We use the following percentage of our revenue for planting trees 60%

🌿 That leads to a plantable estimated revenue of 94.46 Each payout we check if we can plant new trees via If so, we will put out an order.

🔍 Total searches by all Search For Trees visitors 36625

📊 The current estimated amount of searches needed for planting a tree 128 This is based on averages. It will not help to just do random searches, because searching itself also has its negative carbon footprint. We only get paid for advertisement clicks. It also is not helpful to force clicks, since Google has anti-spam algorithms in place. Finally, the 128 searches per tree is just an average. It can be that no new tree is shown in your counter after 128 searches, because there are yet no new funds of ad revenue available. These only get updated daily, so there can be a delay.

Earnings info / financial reports

These graphs display the earning history of Search For Trees. The last month could still change, because some ad revenue can be rejected.

We create tree planting orders when the payment has been made by Google. This happens every few months. See the tree planting orders. That is why there can be a delay in the counter of the tree planting orders and the tree counter on

Last 7 days

Still subject to changes.

0.9 trees = €0.50
0 trees = €0.00
1.9 trees = €1.05
1.2 trees = €0.65
1 trees = €0.57
3.3 trees = €1.83
0.8 trees = €0.44
0.7 trees = €0.36

Last 6 months

Last month(s) still subject to changes.

13.3 trees = €7.31
36.2 trees = €19.90
39.2 trees = €21.54
37 trees = €20.33
66.7 trees = €36.70
24.1 trees = €13.25
26.4 trees = €14.53

Last years

Last year still subject to changes.

229.5 trees = €126.25
56.7 trees = €31.18

Supported project(s)

You can read more about the supported project(s) at the Tree Counter page.

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