About Us

Planting trees in the Netherlands

Welcome to Search For Trees, the search engine that plants trees and shows the best search results! 🌲🌳🌱

Hi, I’m Jelle, the founder of Search For Trees and TreeClicks.

I believe in the power of technology and collective action to make a positive impact on our planet. That is why I’ve combined the convenience of a search engine with the mission of reforesting our world (see the supported projects).

How It Works 🌱

Every time you use Search For Trees to browse the web, you contribute to a greener and healthier Earth. At no extra cost. It works like this:

  1. Search the web, just like your regular search engine
  2. We receive an ad revenue when sponsored ads are clicked (don’t force this, as there are anti-spam algorithms in place)
  3. 60% of the search ads revenue goes into tree planting

Read more about how it works.

Using Search For Trees is effortless and impactful. Just like any other search engine, you can enter your queries and find the information you need.

However, what sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. Every time you use Search For Trees to search the web, a portion of the advertising fees we receive goes directly towards planting trees.

No extra cost to you – just a simple way to give back to the planet while you browse.

Our Mission 🌍

Search For Trees was founded in 2023 with a simple yet powerful mission: to help plant billions of trees and combat deforestation.

Deforestation is one of the leading contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and environmental degradation.

By harnessing the vast potential of search advertising income, we aim to use our platform to plant trees and restore ecosystems around the world.

Features and Benefits 🌿

🌐 Eco-Friendly Search: Enjoy a user-friendly search experience while knowing that your actions contribute to a greener future.

🔎 Best Search Index: We are aware that there are more search engines that plant trees for free and we admire them. However, most search engines rely on inferior search results. Search For Trees is powered by Google, displaying the best possible results.

🌳 Reforesting with Agroforestry: We have agroforestry as our focal point for tree planting, ensuring that your efforts make a tangible difference in a region that needs it the most. Check out the project.

Trees for the Future garden from above

A Trees for the Future Garden from above.

Privacy and Security 🔒

We understand that privacy and security are paramount in today’s digital world. We currently use Google and are dependent on their privacy practices.

There are still improvements for us to be made to show the results via a proxy, so that less tracking can be done. That is something that is on our to-do list.

We use analytical tools to enhance your experience, but our commitment to tracking you minimally ensures your privacy remains intact.

Read more about privacy and data.

Join the Green Movement 🌱🌎

We may not be able to stop you from searching or shopping, but together, we can make a difference.

By using Search For Trees, you join a community of environmentally conscious individuals who are collectively working towards reforestation and combating climate change. Imagine the tremendous impact we can make if everyone chooses Search For Trees as their default search engine.

Let’s Grow Together! 🌳🌿

At Search For Trees, we firmly believe in the potential of technology to foster positive change. Together with our users, we are planting trees and contributing to the restoration of natural habitats.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a greener and sustainable future. Let’s grow together, one search at a time!

🔍 Start using Search For Trees today
and watch your searches blossom into a forest of change. 🌳🌲🌿